Caring for animals means being vegan.

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Why veganism?

Why is veganism a moral obligation?

The Humane Myth

What about “humane” animal products or uses?

Going Vegan

What does going vegan mean?

Vegan Recipes

What can I cook?

Vegan Food Groups

What are the vegan food groups?

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Are you interested in going vegan?

Would that make killing them okay?

Whether you’re vegan or nonvegan, animal welfare proponents would have you believe that the wrong in this picture is that these pigs are confined and not freely roaming on a pasture.

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A Delicious Vegan Egg

It’s the sort of thing a fair amount of vegans dream existed: a 100% plant-based product that empowers them to easily re-create the tastes and textures of a countless number of the foods they loved before they were vegan. Since people become vegan for reasons that...
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If you only read one article about Earth Day, make it this one.

By Demosthenes Maratos, Communications Director at Sustainability Institute at Molloy College Friday, April 22, 2016, will mark the 46th anniversary of Earth Day, and we are already hearing all the annual awareness campaigns. Take shorter showers, drive a hybrid,...
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