A Delicious Vegan Egg

May 5, 2017 | Blog Posts |

It’s the sort of thing a fair amount of vegans dream existed: a 100% plant-based product that empowers them to easily re-create the tastes and textures of a countless number of the foods they loved before they were vegan. Since people become vegan for reasons that have nothing to do with a sudden and spontaneous dislike for French toast or a delicious omelette, several people work hard to ensure that everyone who opts for this plant-based form of nourishment is satisfied and can fill their bellies with all the goodness that they deserve (because yes, vegans deserve the very best!). Our desire is to see more nonvegans become vegan, and the easier that becomes in society, the more people will change so we’re super excited about this beautiful little gem that we want to share it with everyone.

So, what is it that we are talking about? Well, for those of us with cravings for the foods we loved before we were vegan but that require whole or parts of eggs in the recipe, there is a name that you should remember when you wish to create the perfect breakfast or bake the best-ever quiche: The Vegg.

Why are we talking to you about this great wonder that was developed by an amazing mastermind? It’s simple – we want to help make that seemingly-difficult shift from a nonvegan diet to an entirely plant-based diet to be as easy, quick, and satisfying as possible… because really, it’s not as hard as many people believe it is. After all, if we’re going to let you know what is going on for animals, what is hidden behind the doors and walls of slaughterhouses and animal product manufacturers, we also want to let you know that there are wonderful delicious alternatives available for you in the marketplace. Our hope is that when you choose to take that great, important, and crucial step towards living justly to animals, you remain vegan – for good. Otherwise, we would not succeed in our mission, and we believe that this is one of the main paths that will lead everyone into a better life for all living beings on the planet.

Delicious French toast made with The Vegg French Toast Mix

Rocky Shepheard, CEO is the clever mind behind this amazing line of products (not just one product!). He began his journey of endeavoring to create the best-ever egg replacement because of a bad April Fool’s Day joke. So, he stepped into his ‘lab’ – his kitchen – and got to work. He would try anything that seemed promising, work for a week, then give up… until the next seemingly great ingredient appeared, ”such as pistachios,” he says. But what finally gave him that final boost to succeed was learning about gastronomic chemistry and spherification techniques. The Vegg, an excellent replica of an egg yolk, was born. And it’s sooo good.

If you have not heard of this great company yet, allow us to introduce you to some of their great inventions. They have mastered the egg yolk with its unique texture and interesting flavor, which is wonderful because some recipes call for only the actual yolk as an ingredient (lemon pie, for example). Then, there is the difficult-to-replicate French toast, which is a breakfast favorite for many people.

the vegg french toast mix

Afterwards, their Not Your Parents’ Tofu Scramble, which comes in a convenient powder form, has a very similar appearance and texture to real scrambled eggs.

not your parents tofu scramble

They offer a baking mix to replace eggs in all your baked recipes, and have cleverly devised an exquisite cookbook – the Vegg Cookbook.

vegg cookbook

Best of all, their products contain no cholesterol, which is one of the health issues related to the consumption of eggs. This, however, is typical of a plant-based diet since cholesterol only comes from animal products. Plants are naturally free of cholesterol.

Up your plant-based cooking and baking game. Give The Vegg a try!