About WhyVeganism.com

WhyVeganism.com is a project of The Advocacy of Veganism Society. This website will be continually updated with vegan recipes and vegan replacements for food, clothing, personal care products, and home products. It will have a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section and much more. We are also offering FREE veganism starter kits (with lots of information on veganism and coupons) during 2016 (and possibly beyond) when our vegan ad campaigns are running.

We would like to express deep gratitude to Julie of The Simple Veganista and lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project for generously allowing us to use recipes from their websites and to Julie Barone for her hard work and dedication to the WhyVeganism.com project.

If you are already vegan, please register with The Advocacy of Veganism Society.

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