I refuse

to continue exploiting

nonhuman animals.

I am going vegan.

pink black pig

You can do it!

Going vegan means…

Going vegan means you are incorporating changes into your life that reflect your agreement that animals are sentient beings, not things, who should not be used as resources and your disagreement with animal exploitation.

In practical terms, going vegan means discontinuing the consumption and use of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, testing, or any other use. It means consuming and using food with ingredients that were not derived from animals and clothing that was not derived from animals. It also means using personal care and household products with ingredients that were not derived from animals or tested on animals.

Going vegan means that you are aligning your daily choices with your own belief that animals matter morally and that it is wrong to exploit them.



Vegans DO NOT eat flesh (“meat” including fish), milk or other “dairy” products, eggs, honey, or other animal ingredients/byproducts.

Vegans DO eat:

Grains (oats, rice, wheat, etc.)

Legumes (beans, lentils, etc.)



Nuts, Seeds, and Mushrooms

nuts seeds mushrooms

Vegans do not miss out on flavor, texture, or variety. To the contrary, many vegans comment on how much more flavor, texture, and variety they enjoy after going vegan. Veganize your favorite meals; you will be amazed at how delicious they are!


Vegans DO NOT wear animal skin (e.g. fur or leather), fibers (e.g. wool or silk), feathers (e.g. down), or other “materials” that were derived from animals.

Vegans DO wear:

Bamboo, cotton, hemp, jute, linen, microfiber, nylon, pleather, polyester, rayon, satin, suedette, or other materials that were not derived from animals.

Vegans do their best to not support animal use.

Beyond food, clothing, personal care products, household products, and entertainment, vegans do their best to not support animal use. But because our world is currently predominantly nonvegan and animal use is ubiquitous, it is not possible to eliminate all animal use from one’s life. However, this does not stop vegans from not supporting animal use whenever it is possible.

For example, if a vegan were buying a car, they would buy one with cloth seats instead of leather seats.

car cloth seats

While going vegan results in one not eating or wearing animal products, being vegan is not just about not eating this or wearing that or a list of Do’s and Don’ts. It is about doing right by animals with our actions. Go vegan. Request your FREE veganism starter kit today!


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