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250+ Vegan Thanksgiving & Christmas Recipe Ideas by The Simple Veganista (on Pinterest): Create new traditions for your holiday table with some of these festive vegan recipes! From sophisticated to casual and traditional to something new…whether you’re entertaining a crowd or simply bringing a dish, here you’ll find lots of ideas to mix, match and inspire your senses. Happy holidays!

Chilis On Wheels’ Website – Chilis On Wheels provides vegan meals to those in need.

Corey Lee Wrenn’s Facebook Page

Corey Lee Wrenn’s Website – Corey Lee Wrenn, Founder of Vegan Feminist Network, is a lecturer of Gender Studies at a 4-year institution. Wrenn has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals on the nonprofit industrial complex and oppression problems in the animal rights movement. Wrenn was awarded 2016 Exemplary Diversity Scholar by the University of Michigan.

Food Empowerment Project’s Chocolate List

Intersectional Vegan’s Website

Intersectional Vegan’s Facebook Page

Pantry & Kitchen Essentials by The Simple Veganista

Raw Recipes by The Simple Veganista

The Advocacy of Veganism Society (creators of’s Website

The Advocacy of Veganism Society (creators of’s Facebook Page

The Simple Veganista – hundreds of vegan recipes

Vegan Feminist Network’s Facebook Page

Vegan Feminist Network’s Website

Vegan Friend Me’s Facebook Page – Vegan Friend Me is a great place for new vegans to make vegan friends.

Vegan Mexican Food by Food Empowerment Project

Vegans United Against ALL Oppression’s Facebook Page