The Humane Myth

What about “humane” animal products or uses?

This question assumes that treating animals inhumanely is the root issue and conveniently ignores that using animals as resources is the root issue. This is a common but problematic mindset. It assumes that if we could find animal products or uses at a level of suffering we declare to be acceptable, it would be “humane.” But no unnecessary suffering is humane. And all animal uses result in some level of unnecessary suffering. When we are seeking out “humane” animal products or uses that embody what we determine to be an acceptable level of suffering for animals, we are trying to alleviate our consciences, not their exploitation or their suffering. We have made the issue about us. But veganism isn’t about us. Veganism is about the animals and their basic right not to be used as resources by humans. Veganism isn’t about treatment; it’s about use. And because animal use is unnecessary, animal use is animal abuse.

One major misconception people have today is that the way to respect animals is to buy animal products they believe are humane like free-range “meat,” cage-free eggs, “humane” certified animal products, or organic animal products. Those animal products are certainly marketed to seem more humane, but research reveals they still involve a tremendous amount of suffering and killing (including the killing of the male chicks and male calves as well as the killing of the remaining animals when they become less profitable). All animal products mean hurting animals unnecessarily so, in essence, seeking out “humane” animal products (which do not exist) is looking for the right way to do the wrong thing. Instead of looking for “humane” animal products, channel your care for animals into going vegan.

humane animal products

Put simply, “humane” use does not exist, regardless of how it is marketed. There is nothing humane about using a sentient being as a “thing.” “Humane” animal products or uses are not the solution. Seeking out “humane” animal products or uses is looking for the right way to do the wrong thing. Going vegan is doing the right thing. At the end of the day, someone who cares enough to seek out “humane” animal products or uses (which do not even exist) cares enough to go vegan. Channel your care for animals into going vegan.

While going vegan results in one not eating or wearing animal products, being vegan is not just about not eating this or wearing that or a list of Do’s and Don’ts. It is about doing right by animals with our actions. Go vegan. Request your FREE veganism starter kit today!